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Edition 2018
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The Europan Young Breeders School


18th Edition of E.Y.B.S. : from 29 august to 2 september 2018


The 18th edition of the European Young Breeders’ School (EYBS) has just ended this Sunday and with it a unique adventure for a record number of 150 participants.

With 24 teams and 15 countries represented, the school's tent has never been filled with so many passionate people, ranging from the youngest Micha ALBINGER from Germany (13 years old) to the oldest, Manouk BROUWER from the Netherlands (25 years old).

An 18th edition crowned by the presence of 3 new teams: France and the Great Duchy of Luxembourg back in the adventure after a few years of absence and the Czech Republic which participated in the experience for the first time with a team of 4 young people from a veterinary school, agriculture and agro-entrepreneurship.

For 3 days, all these young breeders invested themselves in setting up a stand bearing the image of their nation and followed theoretical courses on classification, marketing but also on the appropriate conduct to follow during a competition. In addition to these theoretical courses, they were guided by a team of 9 leaders from Europe and Canada to learn how to properly prepare and care for heifers for the competitions that awaited them.  175 quality heifers had been made available to them for this purpose by 32 farms from all over Wallonia.

After these 3 days of training, competitions were held allowing everyone to highlight the intense work done in the previous days. On Saturday, each candidate had to present his animals as best as possible for the Holstein conformation competition. Eleven series followed one another and it was finally HHH DELIA of Hautmont-Hill (P. : Delta), led by Stefano CICERI of the Italian team, who finished champion, followed by the reserve MEREL (P. : Cinderdoor) led by Laurent DECONINCK of the Westhoek Holstein Belgium team and the mention 9091 of Hautmont-Hill (P. : Atwood), led by Thomas PRENT of the Showteam The Netherlands of the Netherlands team.

On Saturday evening, a relaxing moment with the European Gastronomy Tour where participants, host families and staff gathered around specialities from each region. 

On Sunday, stress is at its peak.  Contrary to the day before, it is not the heifers who are judged but their leader.  Attitude, gaze, position, direction, everything is closely scrutinized by Dominic Fortier, the judge from Canada.  Leaving nothing to chance, not hesitating to exchange several times the heifers and their leader, it was with his wise eye that he finally nominated Maria Sole OPPICI (Italy) best presenter (showwoman), followed by Sinead O'SULLIVAN from Ireland (reserve) and Oliver KRÜGER (mention).

This year, one country stands out particularly.   With a representation of nearly one quarter of all participants (6 teams and 39 young people), Germany distinguished in many awards:

- Big Winner of the edition with Oliver KRÜGER of the O.H.G. team (Osnabrücker Herdbuch Eg.), also 3rd best showman.

- Best Judge: Carina NÖLKER also from O.H.G.

- Best Clipper: Sandra VIENNA from V.O.S.T. (Verein Ostfriesischer Stammviehzücter)

- Leaders' Award for the most deserving young person: Michal ALBINGER from R.B.W. (Rinderunion Baden Württemberg)

- 6 teams in the top 10 of the best teams with Masterrind in the second position.

- 4 young people in the top 10 in the overall ranking;

On the Belgian side, Flanders wins with 5 young people in the top 20 overall and Evelien VANDEWALLE from Westhoek Holstein for the prize for the best young person under 16.  

The prize for the best young Walloon goes to Maxime BLOCKEEL of the Wal'Holstein team.

A very coveted prize, the one of the best team, was won by Switzerland.  Team spirit, work, care given to both the exhibit and the animals during the entire training are taken into account for this assignment.

Even if it is necessary to choose a winner, all these young breeders grew from this unique experience in Europe, delighted to have been able to confront other cultures, other ways of working and enriched by beautiful exchanges with the host families.








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